Time Lapse - Steve Moore-Vale Photography


Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

Dartmoor from Sheepstor

Great Ellingham to Norwich in 57 seconds

Plymouth Day to night

Cress Timelapse

Solar Panel Installation

My parents decided a few months ago to invest in solar power.
As soon as their decision was made, so was mine. I wanted to do a time-lapse of them being fitted.

This took a lot of working out.
In the end, i had the camera take a photo every 1 minute for about 4.5 hours which gave me 250 images. 

After some image processing and a few settings tweaks in my video editor, this is the video i had as a result.

Unfortunately, the focus wasn't as good as it should have been. I set it to infinity in manual focus on my 16-35mm lens but for some reason it didn't come out as sharp as i had hoped. I have sharpened it in post processing.

However, i feel the project was a success and i am now trying to think up the next time-lapse project.

Felixstowe Dock

So this is my first ever attempt at Time Lapse. 
I sat on the beach at Landguard Point, Felixstowe, and aimed my camera at the docks.
I wanted to capture the containers being moved on/off the ship and also the trucks whizzing by empty and then returning past full. 

However, it was only after watching this back that i realised how much else was going on and how much everything was moving. Even managed to get the sparks from a welder there. 
The boat moving off was pure luck but gives the video an extra element of interest i think.

The techy bit:

I captured 747 images at a 1 second interval (approx 12 and a half minutes real time).  I used Small Raw (4 megapixels) to increase the amount i could store on the card (8gb 95mbps Sandisk). RAW would also help me to get the best out of the images in post processing.

Camera Settings: Manual Mode  1/50th Sec   F11   ISO 640   35mm  Manual Focus
Equipment: Canon 60D,  Canon 16-35mm L F2.8  II,  Hama Timer Release