October 2015 - Steve Moore-Vale Photography

October 2015

Hi folks.

Once again, it has been quite a while since my last update and as you can see i have changed the way i share my latest pics with you. I decided it was a chore for people to have to navigate to different galleries to see all the different pics from my latest shoots so instead i'm putting them inside here as a mini blog.  

When i last emailed, i mentioned that i was going to be heading to Beachy Head whilst the Eastbourne Airshow was on. For some of the aircraft displaying, their only way into the display area was to fly in over the sea and that meant flying past Beachy Head.

However, Beachy Head is very high which meant that they were flying below us, with the sea as a background. Wow, what a view!

Grob G115-E Tutor - Beachy Head

Grob 115E - RAF Tutor Display Team

North American P51 - Ferocious Frankie at Beachy Head

North American P51 Mustang - Ferocious Frankie

But the main reason for being there in the first place was to photograph the stunning Avro Vulcan.

Avro Vulcan XH558 at Beachy Head

She put on a fantastic show for us and amazed the massed crowds with her supreme agility and daring manoeuvres. Her pilots put on one of the best displays i have ever seen. 

Avro Vulcan XH558 at Beachy Head
Avro Vulcan XH558 at Beachy Head

This was such an amazing experience that i vowed never to see her again as nothing would ever beat this and i wanted this to be my lasting memory of her. At the end of this month she will be grounded, never to fly again!

One guy on the cliffs that day captured an amazing video of the display and can be seen below.

Video by Wonkabar007

As i'm sure you know by now, the online camera club i do all these trips with, Fotobuzz, is run by world renowned wildife photographer Andy Rouse. Well recently he has taken a break from wildlife and is focussing on another of his passions, aviation! Not long ago he had the opportunity of a lifetime and he grasped it wth both hands. He flew with the Vulcan in a Skyvan and captured the most amazing air to air pictures of her that i've seen. Judge for yourself.  

Carrying on with the theme of aviation, my next big outing with the camera was to the Duxford Airshow.

I posted the event on fotobuzz as a mini meet and to my surprise, six buzzers said they would come and so we had had a good mini meet planned.

Gareth, Paul, Jono and myself got a spot at the western end of the base just past the entrance to the Land Warfare hall. It was a great spot and towards the end of the show we had 15 Spitfires and two Seafires flying almost overhead. Superb. Buzzers Lindsey & Charles had other spots but came over to say hi.

The show runs on two days and so I decided to go to both. Paul, Lindsey, Gareth and myself  decided to try a different spot to the first day so we ended up at the opposite end of the base which turned out to also be a great spot. But one mistake I made on day one was getting to the site slightly later than planned so day two heralded an earlier start and thus opportunity to get a shot like this.

Boeing B17 Flying Fortress Sally B

Boeing B17 Flying Fotress - Sally B

The B17 is such a beautiful and iconic aircraft. To have her backlit like this was awesome! The name Sally B was given to her by her owner of the time Ted White. Ted named the plane after his partner Ellie Sallingboe who still has a major role in keeping her in the air.

On day two, we were sat right opposite where Sally B or Memphis Belle if viewed from the other side, starts up before her display. This allowed time to get a nice static shot of her with her props spinning.

Boeing B17 Flying Fortess Memphis Belle

As you can see, the second engine cowling is different to the others. Many years ago the owner of the aircraft, Ted White died when his beloved Harvard crashed. His partner Ellie decided to have one engine cowling painted to replicate the one seen on Ted's Harvard to serve as a memory of him. 

The Red Arrows were to conclude the show on the Sunday and so i decided, having taken thousands of pictures of them throughout the year, that i wanted to get something different. The light played ball and with a bit of processing in Lightroom, here's what i ended up with.

Red Arrows

Moving on to more recent times now. Fellow foto-buzzers Jayne & Chris are into motor racing. Chris drives in the 750 Motor Club Championships and i was invited to come along to their races at Snetterton. It was a very interesting weekend where i learnt a lot about what goes on behind the scenes, with data analysis and car repairs between qualifying and races. It was also a great opportunity to practice my panning skills.

Upon leaving the site on the Sunday, i saw the perfect subject for the latest FotoBuzz Fotomission, Black & White. It was the memorial to the 96th Bombardment Group based at Snetterton when it used to be a military airfield. I laid on my back and shot upwards to get a different angle and it must have worked as i came 9th in the members vote. Very pleased with that!

Last weekend i spent two mornings at Richmond Park in London photographing Red Deer and also spent some time at the Natural History Museum and  Heathrow airport. But all that can wait until the next update which will come in just a couple of weeks as in November i will be very busy with the camera! I will be spending a day at the British Wildlife Centre, with Andy Rouse and some other buzzers for an Owl and Mammal workshop. Then just a few days later i will hopefully be embarking on a massive adventure which, all being well, will provide some of most unique images i have ever taken! 

Well i will call it a day there and will be back in touch in a coupe of weeks.