29th November 2015 - Wales In The Wind - Steve Moore-Vale Photography

Wales In The Wind

29th November 2015

56mph wind, a high tide of 10 metres, a forecast of heavy rain and an exposed sea wall that sticks out into the Bristol Channel were the ingredients of an impromptu mini-meet where three intrepid explorers decided that being amongst all that was a good idea! I realised how mad the idea was when i arrived at our meeting point at the end of the Eastern Promenade in the small welsh town of Porthcawl! I could barely open my car door! It was insane to say the least. Waves were crashing hard against the sea wall and were reaching massive heights. The sea looked as if it was angry and ready to swallow the town whole! Gareth Hughes (from whom the idea originated), Julie Mullings (who was super excited by the whole event) and myself (who was wondering what he'd got into), made our way slowly and carefully towards the sea wall where we were able to capture some immense scenes and get very wet in the process.

Epic Impact

This wave was so huge that it completely hid the lighthouse behind it.

I'm amazed it is still standing!


I decided to give this one the black and white treatment as i felt the contrast of the mage makes it more striking.

Once again, the lighthouse gets battered.

A different perspective

Here, i have moved across to the other side of the sea wall to capture the moment the wave hits and comes over the top of the wall.