24th November 2015 - BWC - Steve Moore-Vale Photography

British Wildlife Centre

24th November 2015

Ever since joining foto-buzz, i have wanted to attend one of the Andy Rouse Owl & Mammal workshops at the British Wildlife Centre. In November i finally got my opportunity.

It almost didn't happen due to dodgy weather but Andy decided that we would go for it and make the most of whatever we got weather wise.

So the next morning all the buzzers that had signed up for the day (the day was sold out with six of us attending), congregated in the car park and chatted whilst we waited for the nod to go in.

We started with the Red Squirrels and they certainly gave us a show.

Once we were satisfied with the conductor squirrels we moved on to what are my favourite mammals in the uk, the Red Fox.

We all got down low to get eye level with them and waited patiently. 

Phwoarrrrrrrrr! What a beautiful animal.

But if foxes don't float your boat i bet cats will. Although being the British Wildlife Centre, they weren't just going to have any old cats. Nope, these were Wild cats!

Then it was the turn of the 'demented otter'!

This is where  you get the head on running otter shot! Problem is that you need a very fast shutter speed (difficult in the dull weather without pushing the iso up high) and extremely good autofocus. Well i am very lucky to own a camera more than capable in both those areas and i got what i went for. 

It was also possible to get some nice portraits of them.

Unfortunately the weather was getting worse and so the keepers decided that the owls were a no-go. So instead we got to photograph this little fella!

It was a fantastic day of photography and well worth doing. Andy was a great guide and was full of great tips to get the best angles and to work a scene properly.