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Horsey & Lowestoft

20th December 2015

A few weeks ago, the crew at Foto-buzz had a mini meet at Horsey to photograph the seals that reside there. Unfortunately i could not make the meet as it was a weekday and i had used all my holiday allowance. So as soon as i had a free weekend, i planned to get down there.

A friend from foto-buzz expressed his interest in doing the same so a plan was hatched and on the morning of December 20th we met up at his travel lodge and then made our way to horsey to coincide with sunrise.

A slightly unusual approach to capturing the morning sky

We experimented with several angles and points of view and one in particular we focussed on was backlighting, whereby you shoot into the light rather than have it shine from behind you. In this instance the backlighting helped to outline the seal and especially it's whiskers.



The pups were very playful also very obliging.


Can i have belly rub please.


After a good few hours at Horsey, we decided to head back to the car and move on to phase two of our photographic expedition. We were off to Lowestoft to find Purple Sandpiper.

I had already made a trip to Ness Point a week prior and had some success with them but the star of the show that day was the Turnstone.


A low angle and a very shallow depth of field makes the beautiful turnstone really stand out in this picture. I was laying on my stomach on the sea wall, which was unusually empty of the usual dog walkers, and had there have been anyone there i would probably have had some funny looks.

So i was now back at Ness point with my mate Gareth in tow and we started our search for the Sandpipers. And it didn't take long at all to find them.

Then it was just a matter of using good fieldcraft to get close enough to them without causing them undue stress.

This is extremely important when photographing wildlife. The animal must be of primary concern.

So we walked along the far edge of the sea wall, the furthest away you can physically be, and then approached low and slow to a spot slightly further down from where they were feeding. We had observed that they were heading back toward the point so by positioning ourselves ahead of them we were able to get into position without disturbing them and they came to us. 

That paid of big time as this Purple Sandpiper walked straight past us in beautiful light. You can just make out the sun in the birds eye. (and on the subject of birds eye, their factory was directly behind me when i took this and s probably reflected in its eye too)

Purple Sandpiper

They dispersed a little while later so we headed back slowly to where we had seen them when we arrived and we caught them mingling with Turnstone. But the moss on the rocks they were on couldn't have been better placed for us. 


After a very sustained period of photography down by the moss, the light was starting to fade and so we decided we'd pack away the gear and grab a McDonalds before heading off.

It was a very enjoyable but most importantly, successful day of photography.

Well that's it for this blog.

Thanks for reading.

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