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Sunday 3rd December 2017

A black and white day.

I recently invested in the Lee filter system but one of the drawbacks from this is that my existing polariser and ten stop filter, both Hoya filters, weren't compatible with the Lee 100mm system.So i ventured to the Wex Showroom, conveniently placed just 30 minutes drive from home, and purchased a Lee Big Stopper. But i needed to use it so i carried on down to the coast and ended up in Winterton-On-Sea. 

Just to the side of the car park are a group of beach huts full of character and texture so i decided to set up a composition there. I wanted to get low down and shoot through the grass as that would blur nicely in the wind contrasting with the static huts. The huts themselves have beautiful texture all over and the sky was even looking quite dramatic. I exaggerated that by adding a two stop soft graduated filter.
All  i was missing was some sun.
I changed my picture style to Monochrome and played around until the image looked how i wanted it to. Then it was a waiting game for some sun to appear from behind me and light up the huts. And the sun finally obliged. The final exposure with the ten stop fitted, and after some experimentation, was 80 seconds.

Beach Huts at Winterton-On-Sea, Norfolk<br />
Taken with a Lee Big Stopper and a Lee soft edge graduated filter

A few minutes later and it was all over. The sun had disappeared behind clouds and the sky lost alot of interesting detail. So i went in search of detail elsewhere, specifically on the huts.

A quick look to my left revealed a beautiful sky over the village and some very clear crepuscular rays.

My attention now turned back to my ten stop filter so i headed over to the beach where the sky was looking really pink. I liked the shot i was seeing as i set up the shot for the 10 stop so i kept that one too.

Sunset at Winterton-On-Sea.<br />
Taken using a Lee Big Stopper combined with a Lee 0.6 2 stop graduated soft filter

And to finish i screwed the ten stop on and got this to end the day,