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About Me

I have been into photography since about 2003 when I moved from Essex to a small village in Norfolk.
I started with very basic gear, comprising of just a small point & Shoot type camera. Not long after, having realised the limitations of this, I got a Bridge Camera which had a much greater zoom range. This became very useful as my interest in wildlife was growing at a steady rate and the extra reach on the camera, a Panasonic Lumix, was very handy indeed. Then in the latter part of 2007 I got properly into birdwatching and decided that I wanted to take my wildlife photography more seriously and so I bought my first DSLR, a Canon 350D complete with a Canon 90-300 lens. Once again my photography skill grew with the better gear I was using but a photographers skill is not just down to the gear used, it's an artistic skill you need too, and this is where I felt I was lacking.

So I started to concentrate on my compositional skills. This is a pursuit I will always be on, as will any photographer.
Skip ahead a few years and I find yet another reason to change my camera. this time to a Canon 500D and to go with it, a Sigma 170-500mm lens. I used this combination for a long, long time until very recently, 2012, when I decided to make one last leap. I bought a Canon 60D and a Canon 100-400 L Series Lens. That lens is absolutely brilliant and when I look back at the pictures I got on the Sigma I see how good the 100-400 really is. 
My most recent addition is the Canon 16-35mm L F2.8 Lens.   Another brilliant lens which i am enjoying using!

Last but not least, I feel I have to mention Foto-Buzz. One of the best professional wildlife photographers the UK has is a chap called Andy Rouse! He's won many awards and his work is seen across the world. But not only is he passionate about the wildlife he photographs, and their conservation, he also loves to teach others. And he now does this, with help from some of his friends in the trade, via a site called Foto-Buzz.
It's a great community of like minded, friendly people who want to learn new things about photography and some that are more advanced also like to share helpful tips and advice with other members. Some are already at the top of their game and also join in to help us.

Andy and his team produce articles on various aspects of photography in their FotoSkool section, organise meet-ups for members, and offer a great blogging system for us to share our own work with the community and the outside world. They have three lounges; general chat, tech chat and a critique section for us to get people's opinions of our photos and how they can be improved. The HQ Guys Andy and as yet unmentioned here, his colleague and friend (and also a fantastic photographer) Andrew James also share their thoughts with you too. I have already learnt a lot about my photography and more importantly, my compositional skills, by using this website.
It costs to join, but it's worth every penny and they have a few different sign-up options depending on your budget. I can't recommend the site enough! I've added their welcome screen below which gives a quick summary of what they offer!